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Welcome to Water Works Place, A traditional-style neighborhood in New Albany’s historic Silver Hills.

Conveniently located near I-64 and downtown New Albany, our tree-lined boulevard and meandering streets create a classic setting for cottage, bungalow, and Queen Anne homes. Large porches grace house fronts, while alleys serve rear garages.

Our unique Design Guide illustrates how to create a custom home in the authentic styles of Water Works Place.

Home building lots, in a range of sizes, are offered.

Selecting a Lot

Learning from Old Neighborhoods

Water Works Place is designed with the best qualities of traditional, pedestrian friendly neighborhoods.

With rear lanes, serving most lots, garages are kept to the rear. As a result, house fronts can be larger and more attractive, with pleasant front porches taking the place of blank garage doors.

Lot Variety

Water Works Place home lots come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.
Some lots have long views, including winter views of downtown Louisville and the surrounding knobs.

If you prefer a smaller, private yard with less upkeep, investigate the side-court lots along Water Works Place. These compact lots live large, with rear garages reducing the need for long drives. House designs create a private side courtyard, and optional, detached garages can add more rear yard privacy.

Lots facing Knob Avenue offer plenty of room for wide fronts, with south facing rear yards for gardening.

Large building sites are available along Highland close to the neighboring limestone mansion.

House styles and features also vary throughout Water Works. Please take your time looking over the Design Guide (see below) so that you find the best location for your home.

Building in Water Works Place

Getting Started

Careful, neighborhood-compatible architecture is the key to building in Water Works Place. Our goal is for you to enjoy the views of your neighbors’ homes as much as you admire your own. As each new house adds quality to the neighborhood, all will benefit.

Owners and their designer are encouraged to discuss house concepts and lot selection with the Developer and the Developer’s Architect very early in the lot selection and building process.

The Design Guide

The Design Guide is a tool to help you create your own home, and to have fun doing it. The goal is harmonious architecture with good proportions, authentic details, quality materials, rich colors, and maybe a touch of whimsy.

The Guide emphasizes timeless house styles that are compatible with the older houses in the surrounding neighborhood. Individual expressions within the selected styles are encouraged. Instead of the visually jarring, clashing styles seen in most new developments, Water Works Place strives for variations on a theme.

We encourage you to stroll through the surrounding neighborhood where you might recognize some of the houses we have chosen as examples of the architecture of Water Works.

Design Approval

The design of all construction in Water Works Place must be reviewed and approved by the Developer. Developer approval is based on compliance with the Design Guide.

Creating A Unique Neighborhood

Design requirements vary throughout Water Works Place. Individual lots and groups of lots will be given their own special character. Before selecting a lot, it is important to check specific requirements for that lot within the Design Guide.

Design Guide Limitations and Developer’s Right to Modify

The Design Guide does not take the place of zoning or building codes. Compliance with the Design Guide does not exempt a structure from conformance with applicable codes. Illustrations in the Design Guide will vary from completed improvements. The Developer reserves the right to update and revise the Design Guide without notice.

Download a copy of the Water Works Place Design Guide


The Teal Cottage

For Sale $338,000
on Lot 10, Water Works Place

Owner: Susan Hollis 812-945-3317, smarthahollis@msn.com
Architect: Jim Rosenbarger 812-334-8932

Builder: Mark Werncke 502-419-7190

The Grey Cottage

Owner occupied

The Red Bungalow

Owner occupied

The Green Queen Anne

Owner occupied

House Designs


Owner & Developer: Susan Hollis


smarthahollis [at] msn [dot] com

Suzy’s compassion for her neighborhood led her to develop Water Works Place, and her commitment continues as the president of Water Works Development, LLC

Architect & Consultant: Jim Rosenbarger


jrosenbarger [at] sbcglobal [dot] net


Jim serves as a consultant to the Developer, and has designed the houses at Water Works Place. He is also available to design new houses.

Builder: Mark Werncke


Mark is a custom home-builder centered in the New Albany area. He has constructed the houses in Water Works Place, and is a good source for building questions.

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